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Ninja X FUCKING X Crew

Kick Your Fucking Ass

Ninja Crew
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We're fucking Ninjas, mother fucker.

This community is maintained by hateful_stares & bitter_memories

1. This community is pointless and funny. Bash us and die.

2. All long entries and lots of pictures must be behind lj-cut.

3. If you're in ADC, we probably hate you. (only cause you hate us ;)

4. If youre judgmental, youre probably dead, too.

5. When you join, post something about yourself introducing yourself.

6. We are Gods.

7.Try to keep everything posi-core, ok?

8. Lets keep on topic, or at least try.
"deez nutz", 502, 80's music, 812, abby, animals, anti-cow chicken and pig, anti-fc, attempting to snowboard, b-rated horror movies, b-rated movies, bandanas, bardstown road, being ghetto, being hardcore, bling bling, boof, braclets, bungee jumping, bunnies, burger king crowns, cake, cds, cheesecake, cheesy horror movies, concerts, cooking, crank yankers, cupcakes, cuss words, dinosaurs, dollar movie, drawing, dresses, dressing up, driving, fall, ferrets, fireworks, food, football at waterfront park, freddy, freddy vs. jason, friday the 13th, friends, fun, fun hair, funny rap, gameboy, gauges, go karts, good music, gross out contests, harry, harvest homecoming, homies, horror movies, inside jokes, jason voorhese, jones soda, kart kountry, kittens, kool-aid, krazy fest, krispy kreme, lanesville heritage, laughing, lemonade, leslies cousin eric, louisville, mix cds, money, movies, new people, nightmare on elm street, ninjas, noggin, old nickelodeon, pajamas, pandas, pictures, pixy stix, play-doh, playing in the woods, playing in water, poems, posi-core, potty humor, pudding, puppies, rampaging, re-worded beach boys songs, reading, ricky martin, road rage, rocky horror picture show, sacred sorrow ;), screaming, shoes, shows, singing to people, sledding, snl, snow, south park, stealing signs, straight edge, stuffed animals, sunflower seeds, swimming, swings, swords, tall buildings, taras grandmas, the galt house, the woody, the word "sprawl", thrift stores, toxic hell, trampolines, vice city, wal*mart, walks, water fountains, waterfront park, winter, writing, x's on our hands, xxx, yo mama jokes, you, your mom